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About UNSC Warfare - Gameplay and Development

In UNSC Warfare, you play as the captain of a UNSC ship. You start with a fairly basic ship in the UNSC Navy but as you play you progress up the ranks being rewarded with new types ofs which offer various advantages. As a captain of a ship in the UNSC Elite, you will need a competant and capable selection of troops at your back to help you complete your missions. As such we offer up the 'Requisition Store' where you can spend your 'Requisiton Points' on various elements of the UNSC's Finest.

store page

With these troops you can go fourth and battle other players to see whose army is best in a simulated battle! You can interact with players in a number of ways and while the game will only start with basic options such as viewing a players profile, battling, and sending messages, we intend to build up the ability to start clans and more for the community.

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In addition, units can gain veterancy through battle which gives them access to additional weapons to use. You can modify every single unit in your army, and each can unlock a minimum of 3 unique weapons for their unit type to increase their stats! why use a stock warthog, when you can upgrade it with a Gauss Cannon? Or maybe you feel that some units should have a ranged advantage, so give them a sniper rifle!

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Managing units is a streamline process where you can view your army, by the category of units, and then by specific units! You can revive, retire, and re-equip them from this base page! You can see which units are doing the best, their victories and their veterancy!

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As a player you can easily keep track of your statistics, such as how many victories you have had, how close you are to the next level, and more! In time we intend to build a robust statistics system for the game to work off, so you can compare friends and enemies and see who really is the best player!

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UNSC Warfare offers up missions to players which can be completed in an 'auto-resolve' format where your army will be tested to see if it can accomplish the task at hand! Victory will be veterancy for units, RP to spend in the store and experience towards your next level! Some missions may even give you a reward, from new units, to weapons and upgrades!

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Finally, UNSC Warfare is being developed to have a 3D RTS Component for the more hardcore amongst the players! Here you can play the missions mentioned earlier in an RTS Mode! The Missions take place around the Halo Universe, from scouting Forerunner installations to destroying remnant covenant troops. The missions will be 'bitesized' but this will allow for more content to be added as time goes on! We hope to build an awesome experience for all Halo Players and gamers. If you are interested register your interest as we will soon begin testing the web component on the game whilst development continues on the 3D Game aspect!