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The People behind UNSC Warfare


Jon Evans (Glitch100) is the main developer of UNSC Warfare, for both the web component and the Unity3D game. He started the project back in mid 2013 after originally considering the idea for his final year project at University. Since then the project has grown in size, and scope and what originally started out as an experiment for programming is now much bigger, and aims to be the top web based Halo game, partnered with it's very own Halo RTS. He is 22 Years old and lives in the UK, working full time as a developer.

John Nye (NinjaNye) has helped through out the project from the beginning by offering guidance and a variety of ideas to help shape the project as well as helping explore various new web based frameworks for the project to be built onto. He is an expert in the field of programming and a master of C#.

Adam Swaine (Swainoo) is currently working on social integration with the project and overseeing how news about the project propagates through social networks, and as of the testing phase will be working on the Unity3D game.


Mike Hopkins is the Graphic Designer on the project currently contributing concepts for various in game features based off of the Halo franchise.

Faced is a 3D Modeller with experience in a variety of halo based mods of other popular games, and as such is contributing to building models for the Unity3D game.

KhevaKins is a huge Halo fan, and has given invaluable help towards the Canon of the game.

annihilater102 for the use of the models he has created in areas of the site to represent Ships. His work is great - check it out.

Want to Contribute or join the team?

Don't just sit there! Contact Us! - and tell us how you can help the project move along! Bare in mind that UNSC Warfare is a project for the community and as such there is no profit or money involved, other than what is spent on server costs etc. Although we aren't looking for more people at the moment if you think you can help then simply tell us and we will get back to you!