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Here you can read all the latest news about UNSC Warfare, it's development progress, media and the happenings within the community! We recommend you keep an eye on this page, and share all our goodness through your social networks! Now scroll on and read.

Mammoth Unit added, and a vote for project direction

23 Apr


Post by: Glitch100



Welcome to this UNSC Warfare update and what a great day it is!  Thursday, one step closer to Friday which means we are even closer to Saturday!

Adding the Mammoth and Fixes

This week has been full of fixes, growth in the community and new additions in content!


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Increase in Members, Unit Vote, Optimisations

15 Apr


Post by: Glitch10



Hi all,

It's mid week and I think it's time to write another update regarding UNSC Warfare.

Updates in the Night

Recently if you have been on when I have, I have been divulging all sorts of information via the chat, such as units, future plans shelved features and more. During this time I have also been optimising the game in the background, I am going t ...

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New Missions, New Units, Rise in Members and Halo 5

9 Apr


Post by: Glitch100



Afternoon Spartans,

I hope everyone had a good easter weekend and is enjoying work, school or whatever else it is you do on a daily basis. In this news post I am going be talking about some new missions which will be added after it was requested by members, some new units which may be added (if the game continues to grow) and more! 

In terms of Halo - the community really l ...

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Update - Achievements, Future Dev, Projects, and more!

4 Apr


Post by: Glitch100



An update is here for all you players – after a lull on inactivity on the site (due to development on various projects) i deliver unto you this update! I am hoping it gives you all some insight into what’s going on with the UNSC Warfare project and more!


Firstly today I am going to show you the images for our first achievements! We know ...

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