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Update - Achievements, Future Dev, Projects, and more!

4 Apr


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An update is here for all you players – after a lull on inactivity on the site (due to development on various projects) i deliver unto you this update! I am hoping it gives you all some insight into what’s going on with the UNSC Warfare project and more!


Firstly today I am going to show you the images for our first achievements! We know these were meant to be integrated with the last update however I have decided to just add them on the wipe so that way achievements are fresh, and are accurate for player’s data and information! The code is all there to provide achievements to players for kills, and more however there are certain areas where the code hasn’t been fully integrated but fortunately it’s quite simple, and just a matter of plugging in our new code.

Achievements UNSC Warfare

So our guy that handles some delicious graphics has thrown together these 8 images for use as Achievement pictures! These will be the first 8 images used for achievements, and over time we will add more in as I integrate achievement management and resolution across various areas of the site.

2 Months in Testing

We started the beta on February 1st and it’s been a crazy 2 months, with an intense amount of work being put into the project, loads of bug fixes, new features added and more! We have compiled a large amount of data which has helped balancing throughout the time it’s been up and has assisted in correcting various flaws. In addition it has allowed over 492 players to experience UNSC Warfare. And when I say experience I am actually talking about well over 31,000 individual matches being player, in excess of 725,000 units destroyed! It is the very beginning of in depth statistics being tracked! It’s been a great time and the community has really built so thank you so much for all of you who have taken part in the beta – it has been great and I appreciate all the feedback you guys have given as well as the large amount of hours that have been spent in game!

It is you, the player, who has shaped what the experience has grown into over 2 months, and will continue to shape the development of UNSC Warfare.

HALO Pipeline

There are always new features to be added, new concepts, and ideas that are to be implemented however there are just isn’t enough time to do them all, so usually things are put on the backburner and more important tasks are prioritised. Worth making it clear that there is lots that I want to do add to the game, however finding the time to add all these valuable and awesome features is becoming somewhat difficult, reason being that when this project launched it had a linear timeline (spanning 24 months). It started around last july with the projects first roots, and originally planned was an RTS Component where missions could be done in real time, using units from your army. However due to funding, and the requirement to potentially monetise, I have had to abandon that project and as such a mirror version, in another universe is being worked on. As such that project is taking up more of my time, and then I am also working on a new personal site as my old one was more of a temporary thing and this has been on my to do list forever so finally getting that done, which leaves a small amount of time to put towards UNSC Warfare. However this will change in the coming weeks; on completion of my personal site, I will be able to re-devote some time to UNSC to add in more features! Lots planned…

As for a more immediate change and adjustment, I have made some algorithm changes to the battle system which will be getting deployed next Monday/Tuesday! So that will pave the way for the start of a more accurate battle system. In the next dev update I will talk about other features that I can start working towards.

In the meantime, be sure to play and help me get more data for testing!

Thanks for reading!

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