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New Missions, New Units, Rise in Members and Halo 5

9 Apr


Post by: Glitch100

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Afternoon Spartans,

I hope everyone had a good easter weekend and is enjoying work, school or whatever else it is you do on a daily basis. In this news post I am going be talking about some new missions which will be added after it was requested by members, some new units which may be added (if the game continues to grow) and more! 

In terms of Halo - the community really looks like its being rejuvenated with the influx of Halo Tournaments recently, the news and hype for Halo 5, and of course the #HUNTTHETRUTH ARG Campaign which you can keep up to date with here

Glassed Planets

Glassed Planets

New Missions

As per a request of some of our more active members, I will be adding in a new suite of missions, with some dailies and a one time mission! The nature of these missions hasn't quite been decided, however I am guessing they are going to be in relation to some of the more recent Halo story ;) If the feedback is good I will add some more later on.

New Units

Following the potential success of the missions I will be adding in 2 new spartan units, with a set of weapons! If you want these, or any other types of units, comment on this post!


New Features - Upgrade

Naturally the site has been inactive in terms of new content for a while as per my last post, as that game has now been put on hold as I rebooted Hierarchy! I know a lot of you may be disappointed in this change of plans however Hierarchy offers a great platform for me to build upon and hopefully if it goes well I can start putting more time back into this game and building it into something greater.

One main thing that has to be done to the site will be the performance. There are a number of elements holding the site back and slowing it down, including some SQL Queries, and also issues with the chat box. This can be worked on, however I am only going to do it if the site sees more life as its a lot of work and will take some time. It's worth remembering that this site was originally built as a test to prototype some new development features available and as such was never built to handle the load it has received or how it has been extended.

If you want the site to be improved with new features - show it! Go onto twitter, or facebook, and share our pages, tweet us and bring in friends!

I hope that this post will bring a smile to some of you more hardcore and veteran players!

Have an awesome week



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Posted on: 10/04/2015


Hey man this is awesome news! Thanks heaps for the update!!

Posted on: 21/04/2015


I would like that a lot

Posted on: 21/04/2015


That is cool I would like that a lot