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Modifying Units, Site Updates and Development

19 Sep


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Welcome! Its time for the weekly update - this week I am going to be talking about what was achieved this week, what we have in the pipeline going forward, some features on the site that have been improved upon and much more. So strap your seatbelts kids, its gon'be one big update!

Blog System

To start this week we have worked on a lot of fresh code for the blog system. That includes filtering by tag,category and month. We don't have a general search system at the moment as its just more code that isn't really needed at the moment and we are trying to save on some features in order to focus more attention in other areas, but that feature will come in time. Also we will be to tinkering with the archive system as well but its more of a cosmetic change and as such is minor. You may of noticed that you can now post comments on each blog post! So please do, firstly because we desire the feedback and are interested in the community joining in and being part of the development cycle and also because it may be completely broken aha! So test it out! Its currently available to the public but when we open up standard registrations it will only be available to users who have registered and are members on the site.


More on registrations. We are currently refactoring our code base for users to include more information and statistics, and with that Ninjanye is finishing off the registration system so that should be ready soon. When it is it will open up new areas of the site to people however they won't be usable until later on, but this is one step closer in the grand scheme of things for the alpha.

Modifying and Upgrading a Unit

Last week I mentioned the need to redo some of the unit code as currently it was incompatible with the future plans. I started this yesterday morning and it should be finished by the next weekly update. One of the new features is the ability to upgrade individual units; we have a lot planned for this and as it was going to be such a large component we asked for community input over at Waypoint for how people would handle it and like it to be. The general consensus so far is that there should be a lot of options for individual units and that said options should be unit specific. Fortunately this was already planned and there fore will go ahead. As for the the source of upgrades we will be relying on canonical appearances in games such as some upgrades seen in halo wars as well as what's logical such as a Marine being able to have different weapons:

  • Assault Rifle 
  • DMR
  • Battle Rifle

There was discussion about units upgrading to variants like a chain hog upgrading to a gauss, and although this does seem logical we won't be taking this route as fundamentally different variants have different uses. So instead players can just buy the desired variant and then upgrade it. We have a few other features in relation to upgrades which I plan to talk about next week if the system gets to a state that I can visually demonstrate.

Packages in Game

Another feature which was brought up by chance in the Waypoint thread was that of packages; a user suggested that packages could be used as a sort of mass buy mechanism for equipment to be used by units, in essence a kit of items, weapons etc. This idea has been taken into consideration and if a feasible and efficient way of doing it is decided upon perhaps it can evolve into something else ;).. However we already have a package system planned however that name may only be preliminary and is subject to change.

Currently packages are a form of consumable that a player can purchase for use within missions. A great example.of this would be if the players ship has a MAC cannon then they can use it during the mission , similar to Halo Wars - given of course that they had purchased it prior. Now given our current development path this is definitely a later addition but it is system we plan on adding in time when the chance arises.

Next Weekly Update...

Hopefully in the next weekly update I will display some work that's been done recently. such as a site run through. Now that's all for now, however expect a minor update at the weekend with some more information and perhaps a progress report! As always thank you for your continued support, and feedback! If you have any ideas, or want to contribute, feel free to comment below, or contact us! Make sure you follow on twitter as well. Twitters awesome.

Till the next update...

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Posted on: 19/09/2013


Nice, unit system is becoming something really incredible with variants, upgrades and all these interesting features. The game sounds better and better at every weekly update. Good work!