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Development Progress, Customising Units, and More!

26 Sep


Post by: Glitch100

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Welcome, Welcome, it's time for the weekly update! 

Getting straight to it, if you remember last week I mentioned that we have been working on our unit customisation system. Well we now have a very early system which works correctly, gives desired results and will now be the base that we build our customisation system off of. It's quite in depth, however I will explain it and help everyone understand. Of course what better way to explain than by showing a screenshot of the page which you would use.

modify unit page  

As you may notice on the page above we will be modifying one of our warthogs in game. In addition to the customisation we went and tried to add a bit of depth to our units, as such you can see that this particular unit is an 'Avery Johnson' with his Service number. These will be given for all units and should, for the most part anyway, be unique! We want you to be able to have more than just a generic unit, and we want you to be able to have favourites amidst your troops. So when you go and manage you can be like, "O Damn! Look, Johnson levelled up, that's his 15th Victory!". 

Now, onto the screen, there is a variety of boxes, the first will show your equipped weapon on the left. On the right are a list of all available weapon upgrades for that particular unit! So in this example we have the MLRS and the Gauss weapon, along with their prices in game! As the player desires they can upgrade their unit as they please. An upgrade can have one of a few statistics, such as Health or Damage. In this particular example the Health attribute has been put up, but that is simply for demonstrative purposes. In addition we understand that not all players will customise all their units, but perhaps rather a select few, and as such players will only have to buy a weapon for a particular unit once, and then it can be equipped on any of the units that can use it for free! 

Eventually this screen will offer two upgrades per unit (armour/weapon) which will help players bolster their armies! The design for this page is still not final with various changes and additions still to be added! 

In other news, NinjaNye has been working on our registration system, and it's well on it's way. Hopefully that will all be ready soon so we can get one step closer to preparing everything for you guys! It's been a busy week, with alot of other stuff going on, so not that much development has been done in comparison to prior weeks, but hopefully this weekend and next week will be more productive! 

Coming up in development is finishing off this page, the registration system, battle resolve for pvp, adjustments to the store, consumable items, and the [ONI-INTERCEPTED MESSAGE AND REMOVED]. With all this coming along we hope we can keep you interested and that the community is as excited as we are! 

That's all for this weekly update but I will be updating the site with more news, Saturday or Sunday! Thanks for reading and have an awesome weekend!  

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Posted on: 28/09/2013


It's looking great :) Awesome work guys