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Weekly Update - UNSC Chatbox, Units, Battle System

20 Nov


Post by: Glitch100

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Welcome again to the UNSC Warfare weekly update! It’s been a mega busy week and not just on this project! Work has been hectic so unfortunately I didn’t get as much done as i had hoped, but let's talk about what I did get done!

This week I started work on and completed a new social feature - The chatbox! Similar to any you may have encountered on other sites or forums. It uses a Microsoft technology called SignalR which is based off of Node.js effectively makes for a lightweight, fast and reliable chat system.

Chat Box Beta

It will go up onto tje site for people to use when we roll out registrations- this will of course be the beginning of the site testing where players will be using the auto resolve feature, unit weapon upgrades, purchasing units, sending messages to other players and more. It is crucial that is tested properly before moving on to the next more important stage of development.

I understand that it may be boring and limited but great things aren't created quickly and for the most part this project is a one man show so things only go so fast. Regardless I will really appreciate all feedback when the time comes.

I have noticed a couple of bugs around the site but rest assured these will be fixed in the next update for registrations etc. By only doing releases at designated points we save time.

I have started work on finalising battles! This is where a complex system will resolve a battle between two player armies and produce a winner. It will be similar to strategy games you may of played such as the Total War franchise with its auto resolve on battles. This will take time to perfect due to the size of the whole operation, in addition I am currently debating on scaling down the size of player armies and making them more individual focused rather than size focused. This is still up in the air at the moment though so if you have any suggestions say!

Also in regards to the icons we shared last week thanks for the feedback for those that commented that's all been passed on and we will crush out some more versions soon!

Finally - the Xbox one is around the corner! Literally 2 days away. This will of course unfortunately have an adverse effect on development and will halt the production and modification of various features however I ask you be patient and if you are getting one to add us!

Anyway that's all this week! Thanks for reading and the support and don’t forget to share us with your friends! Peace out Halo fans.

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Posted on: 20/11/2013


Hope the Xbox One doesn't slow down development too much ;)

Posted on: 21/11/2013


Nice update Glitch.