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Weekly Update talking Testing, Halo Unit Upgrades, and more!

10 Dec


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It’s been a quiet week in terms of updates on the site so sorry that you guys didn’t get a proper weekly update, last week was especially busy with work as we had an awards ceremony and another event. However here we are with another weekly that should tide you by until more juicy information comes your way.

A lot of this week’s work has been on refactoring and optimising multiple areas of code and functionality across the board. Areas like the unit upgrade page now have dynamic functionality with no reload required plus an increase in load time of approximately 50%.  We have also started some minor design changes across the site in order to make areas and design on some elements more uniform.

Also I have been working on finalising an admin area for myself and others to manage players blogs units and more as what we have been running off has been super primitive and what we need is quite advanced. This has led to the restructuring of other areas and much functionality.

On our original timeline and schedule testing of web functionality was supposed to begin fairly soon however we are now behind schedule due to a knock on effect of refactoring.  Although this is undesired we will power on through in an effort to get people on the web game to test as soon as possible.

Currently we are in a bit of a sticky place as we are trying to crunch out the code as fast as possible whilst maintaining the integrity of it and refactoring areas marked for improvement so we can start unity development. It’s really based on what we believe people are more excited for.

Good news is that the role manager developed by NinjaNye was implemented and merged in today. Some truly awesome code work there. In addition we discussed a new potential feature, purely cosmetic, for the battle page. Anyway I think that is a wrap for this week’s update, there probably won't be an update until Tuesday now.

We appreciate all the support and feedback from people messaging and emailing us it truly is supportive. If you want to do your bit please check out the following communities and threads:

Waypoint Thread

343i Thread

And then post feedback ideas or even use our contact form. Don’t forget to share us, follow and like and of course comment!

Till next time. 

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