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First 2014 update dynamic battle log, and more

6 Jan


Post by: Glitch100

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Happy New Year to all of you! 2014 has started off to a great start with the project really making progress! In this update we are going to talk about the battle system, halo inspired battle, changes and more!

 Already this year we have completed some back end management areas such as user unit and blog management- we have integrated ‘SignalR’ into our battle resolver so it now dynamically gives you results as they are happening and this is just the beginning!

Many web games just dump a predetermined result onto the screen, hide it, and then over the course of about 10 seconds show you parts of the battle at a time-not here folks! Our battle resolver fire up a unique battle and in real time goes through the battle, feeding the progress to you through small updates. This is the first stage of integrating a somewhat higher functionality and a more enjoyable feature to our battle system. If all goes well you should hear about it and maybe see it before the next weekly update!

In addition we have also just integrated our rock/paper/scissors battle mechanism in addition to our already existing formula based system. This is to ensure that any army of one unit type can't succeed. I won't go into specifics but it works similar to the Halo Wars system.

Currently apart from polishing of and developing new parts of the battle system there really isn't anything else stopping us from delivering to you, the supportive-future-players the first stage of testing.  We won't give you any dates as we don’t want to let you down but we can only say 'soon'.

On the social side of things UNSC Warfare is coming along great and is receiving a good reception over on IndieDb!

halo mongoose

In addition our modeller is working hard on more assets for our unity game which is the second stage of development; creating iconic models such as the warthog, mongoose and pelican!

And that’s all there is for this update I am afraid however expect more soon!  Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share!

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