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HC Blog System, New Units, and Current Dev Plan

12 Sep


Post by: Glitch100

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That's right! The Halo Command blog system is up! Of course you already knew that as you are reading this off of it! It's about time we got it up and running but it's good that it's finally here. Currently for users like yourself we just need to add the comments submission system which is a small piece of development however it's linked to the system which we will be using to add blog posts which is currently in the pipeline. Once that's done the comment system will be ready straight away! If you haven't noticed you can search by 'tag' or by 'category'! Right now there isn't much to read, but in time there will be! I still have to migrate all the old posts across, but once that is done everything will be set!

The almighty community member Toa Freak has been doing some awesome work with the store section of the website and has been testing out the beta uploader for units. It's quite basic at the moment, but Toa made the most of it and uploaded some new units to the site so that area is starting to look quite luscious. There are an assortment of units on there now from the Mammoth to ODST's and Pelicans! Below is a screenshot of some of the new units in all their glory; bare in mind the statistics are temporary and are liable to change, so thank you to Toa Freak for that!

store images

Now, for future development, the part of the post where we get serious! I am going to keep it as short as possible so it's easy to understand and also so I can get everything in; I will go into some points in detail at a later date. So basically at the moment we are just fine tuning various areas of the site, and refactoring alot of the code that was rushed in order to get things up and running - for example, the blog system - originally the front page was just static with posts on it, where as now there is a fully integrated db dependant and dynamic system in place which is still going to grow! So here is a list of areas which need to be done:

  • Unit Upload System - Refactor
  • Unit Edit System - Create
  • Blog Post System - Finish
  • Blog Comment System - Finish
  • Full Account System - Finish and Test
  • Player Army Management System - Create
  • Unit Business Logic - Refactor
  • Battle Logic - Finish
  • Fleet Page Actions and Logic - Finish

As you can see it's quite the list. Some of the tasks are minor whilst others will take quite some time, in addition we are actively discussing the possibility of writing our own Forum System but more on that another time. Alot of the logic in that list of tasks above will need testing, however I am going ot hold off the full blown alpha test as we will only have 50% of the game, and instead bring in 10 or so people. If you have signed up, you are on that list of 'potentials'! On the note of the Alpha I would just like to say that over 125 people have registered interest! Since our development shift I don't expect that number or our traffic to grow much now until we get some Unity integration finalised, however, thank you to all and we look forward to all new registrants!

Back to the update, once the above tasks have been completed by NinjaNye and I, Swaino will work with me to prepare the most basic Unity Integration so we can get a basic 3D Interactive enivornment up. That part of the development is going to be irratic for some time whilst we decide on ideas and refactor our plan. I also expect it to be quite bumpy trying to get the website and the player to communicate. Expect more on Unity next week, as well as an update of the tasks outlined this week! That's all for this week, so thanks for reading, share the page, and keep your eyes open!

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