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Gameupdate 0.1.5

6 Feb


Post by: Glitch100

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Another game update is out! So soon? Why yes! It was deployed in pieces over the course of yesterday - This update contained the following fixes:


  • Incorrect number on stat bar for discounted recharge
  • Unit Ranks not always registering
  • Adjustments to certain pages context to increase load time and less errors
  • Database Truncation leading to the new delicious size being 10% of the original.
  • And a couple of other things.


  • More loadAnchors on certain pages- save you scrolling
  • A number of stat adjustments on Mongoose, Spartan, Mantis, Marine, and Hornet
  • And more.

New Features

  • Passive Unit health regeneration. Now with every recharge (online or offline) unit health recharges. Consequently you now earn less RP with each recharge.
  • The much needed EXP Bar now located in yout armoury. See how far you are from the next level.
  • Anti-Farm system now integrated; you may notice that battaling the same person over snd over will not work. You will just be returned to the fleet screen . I am yet to notify a user if that is the reason for return to the fleet screen, however that can happen. System is early in development at the moment so more may be added.
  • System is being prepared for mission integration.


A fruitful update. Expect more in time however the next one may be some time away as the missions system is quite big and in addition I will not be online to develop this weekend.

Keep up the great job of testing our game and thank you for the continued feedback. It is extremely helpful.


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