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Increase in Members, Unit Vote, Optimisations

15 Apr


Post by: Glitch10



Hi all,

It's mid week and I think it's time to write another update regarding UNSC Warfare.

Updates in the Night

Recently if you have been on when I have, I have been divulging all sorts of information via the chat, such as units, future plans shelved features and more. During this time I have also been optimising the game in the background, I am going t ...

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The Flood is coming. The Alpha Test is here.

1 Feb


Post by: Glitch100



Come closer. Listen
That's right! You can now sign up to open alpha testing! Fear not as our databases were wiped prior to you heading over and signing up so no one has an unfair advantage! And signing up today guarantees entry to the beta of the Unity 3D Component assuming you participate in testing from now on. Fear not about progression and balance as over the next few ...

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