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UNSC Warfare is a free to play, online strategy game developed in the spare time of its creator. In addition there are no microtransactions or adverts that run within the game, offering a fair, streamlined, ad free experience. However although the game is free to play, it is unfortunately, not free to run.

Each month UNSC Warfare has its server costs, and maintenance fees. In addition as more players join, and more games are played we slowly have to upscale. If you would like to 'give back' to the developers, or help contribute to server costs then we would appreciate it if you could donate. Naturally these costs would go towards the bettering of the game and supporting the outgoings. All donations would ensure continued content being added, a show of appreciation for the game, and will help tackle the continued costs of the server

However, due to the Game Content Usage Rules and the IP (Halo) that the game is based on we can not give anything to players for donations, as it would then be selling. As such all we can say is that by donating you will earn my gratitude, my thanks and you will be forever immortalised through this site in the thanks section, as well as on any future projects.

Thanks for reading, I hope you continue to enjoy the game and the community!